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Makaleler » Blog » DİONESSE - toprak ne verdiyse...

DİONESSE - toprak ne verdiyse….

Founded in 2019, innovative, designer and renewable product brand Dionesse is a lifestyle brand that focuses on creating a more livable world through conscious living action. Dionesse believes it is important to both understand and respect the process that goes into creating the objects that come into one's life. The purpose of the brand; to produce products that fit its mission and to provide an opportunity to contribute to meaningful change. The Dionesse brand supports innovative products and investments aimed at protecting natural life, water resources and the blue world with the income it generates.

Dionesse's thoughts that integrate with nature continue with her efforts to transfer the soil to the future in a more productive and livable way. The first feature that he looks for in the quality raw materials he chooses for production is the production process and renewability. The formulas he developed focused on respect for people and improving the quality of life.

The raw material standard reached with high technology is transformed into formulations that do not spoil the naturalness and make people happy at Dionesse. Dionesse products focus on use and after-use and personal happiness.

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