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Golden Touch Oil

for a glamorous marvel inca-gold with real gold flakes

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for a glamorous marvel inca-gold with real gold flakes

Environmental stress factors surround more enemies for us than ever before, like negative changes in the ecological balance of our world (environmental pollution, dangerous UV, etc.). Furthermore, our skin is affected from the stress factors as never before which cause to damage to our skin that we need it to take seriously. But ones is the most threatening and most damaging of all attacks is AGING

Nevertheless, our skin is able to develop its own self-defence strategies that weaken due to aging factors and collapse internally. The collagen and elastin break-down which leads to inflammation and ins our skin – as result; wrinkles, dried and cracked skin.

The pampered SKIN is the HAPYY SKIN, thereby gets smoother and leads into tempted appearance.

Dionesse INCA Golden Touch satisfies your skin hunger, nourishes it with selected skin nutrients and also acts with anandamide in emotional way (anandamide is stimulator of beta-endorphin - happiness hormone).

The formulation is created with

Ø  Cold-process plant oils

·       Biocorno Vitamin Oil (50% Omega-3 & Omega-6 called Vitamin-F), Organic Jojoba Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Daphne Leaf Oil

Ø  Oil-soluble plant extracts

·       Chamomile Flower, Echinacea, Marigold Flower, Gotu Cola, Balm Mint, Rose, Hamamelis, Tilia Flower

Ø  Natural Alpha Bisabolol

Ø  NanaCacao O (rich on anandamide stimulates beta-endorphine (happiness hormons) in our skin, - clinically proven effectiviness)

Ø  Real gold flakes (dermatologically tested with clinically proven anti-aging effects) immediately ensure a fresh, seductive golden appearance


Dionesse INCA GOLD Golden Touch

ü  Is not greasy and sticky, has very good spreading properties.

ü  The quickly absorbed oil structure without residues together with the sensual scent of Daphne leaf oil is so unique so that a visible effect is feelable just in a few minutes

ü  The groomed und spoiled skin is Happy SKIN è Happy Skin is smooth, relaxed and radiate a seductive appearance

ü  Our claims are based on the raw material documentation which also includes clinical efficacy studies which we used exact the same percentage in our product formulation

ü  The effort is worthwhile: After the application your skin will feel pleasantly soft, has a silky-matte look and you are flattered with a delicate and allured scent.

ü  The application possibilities are almost unlimited - for example; You can also enjoy a massage or refine your bath water with a few drops, then the heaven is touchable for you

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