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Organic Aydin Mountain Walnut 400g

The Best of Local Walnut

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The Best of Local Walnut

We, as Dionesse, are delivering our fine crust local walnuts that we produce from Aydın Mountains to our valuable customers.
Our mountain walnuts, which are harvested and dried in our high altitude mountain regions, carry you to the old tastes with their naturalness!
There are so many different types of walnuts that we eat, perhaps there are varieties of walnuts that we have never eaten and you have never heard of, you can be sure. In essence, walnut is a familiar taste, but the walnut tree has a large and diverse family of tree species. Different walnut types are also imported from abroad. We are fortunate in terms of the producer and the consumer because it is understandable.
You know that walnuts contain too much oil, but the content of this oil does not harm human health as you would expect; on the contrary. Walnut oil is a very useful oil for diet users or patients who should not consume fat. About 200 grams of walnut contains about 30 grams of protein and about three percent sugar. Walnut is a very nutritious food, fatigue, fatigue and similar conditions, such as people who are especially recommended to consume. People who consume it can become the old resistor by continuing to consume walnuts daily in small portions to regain their required resistance over time. These are the best known benefits to human health of eating walnuts in general.
It contains high amounts of omega3, omega 4 and omega 6. It also contains high levels of zinc and potassium. It is a good source of fiber.
Strengthens the body's defense mechanism. It also strengthens the immune system and provides protection from easy illness. Gives you vitality.
Helps heal wounds faster, faster.
Walnut: Helps strengthen the structure of bones and teeth.
It benefits the kidneys.
It is a very useful fruit for the development of children. Children must also consume.
It greatly reduces the risk of developing heart diseases. Friendly with heart. Strengthens the heart muscles and regulates the heartbeat.
Especially in China, this medicinal fruit is consumed in abundance and its health benefits are known.
Prevents clogging of vessels and vessel blockage.
It is a fruit rich in vitamin E and selenium. It is an important antioxidant.
Walnut benefits include strengthening the defense mechanism against lung diseases.
It contains high amount of vitamin B6. Thanks to vitamin B6, it helps the formation of red blood cells.
As everyone knows, after breaking the walnut shell, its shape resembles the brain. Maybe it's not a coincidence that it resembles a brain shape. This medicinal plant is actually quite beneficial to the brain.
Strengthens memory, reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.
Helps lower cholesterol.
Circulatory and nervous system benefits.
It contains high amounts of manganese. Manganese prevents bone resorption along with calcium and iron minerals. Prevention of osteoporosis is also among the benefits of walnut.
Prevents lack of concentration, helps to increase concentration.
Prevents depression and physical fatigue.
It also provides great benefit during menopause.
Helps prevent diabetes, ie diabetes.
It benefits the stomach. It removes stomach gases.
It relaxes the intestines and helps the intestines.
It removes colds and prevents winter diseases. It helps to cure winter diseases such as flu and flu.
It increases the sperm quality, viability and number of men.
Thanks to the vitamin B7 contained in the hair also benefits. Strengthens hair, reduces hair loss and increases hair growth.
According to a study, it is stated that it provides relief against stress thanks to the active ingredients it contains.

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